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Victorian style is timeless. It’s definition of a rich style, that emphasies sophistication of your interior design. Mosaic arranged in London, will not only enhance visual values, but also increase the price of the house! Victorian tiles always make an impression, they are no longer tiles, it’s an amazing adventure around the world of patterns and a delight in its simplicity at the same time. Some things are timeless and Victorian mosaic is a classic design resistant to fashion trends, especially in the heart of Great Britain in London. We invite you to familiarise yourself with our offer.

“The history of the Victorian Age will never be written: we know too much about it”

~ Lytton Strachey


When you look at them, they slowly start to wave. This is all the fusion of symmetrically arranged squares which in some caeses they can cause optical illusions. Which type of tiles you choose finally depends on you, Victorian Tiling London however offers free expert advise on how to make your floor look even better. Just like you we want to create unforgettable design that will impress You, us and your guests. If you have and problem choosing tiles please visit London Mosaic website. You will find a lot of inspiration andn you will get yourself high quality Victorian tiles.


In front of your house and in the garden, designed and in a correct way will rise effectively aesthetic value of any London house. NOT ONLY WE WILL PUT THE TILES for you but also all the needed ground preparation and frequently required surface alignment. And finally we offer a floor heating connection, a great addition to any modern house especially when rain or snow.


Hallway right after the driveway is one of the first rooms our visitors see. Victorian style can be adapted virtually to any style and texture. Hallway and front house path arena of the best places for victorian tiles both can be heated too.